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We would like to introduce you to our practice.

  North DeKalb Orthopedics, PC has been providing quality Orthopedic care for almost 40 years.  All of our physicians are members of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and are Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  We have additional fellowship training in Total Joint Replacement Surgery and Spine Surgery, as well as extensive experience in Sports Medicine, Trauma (fractures) and General Orthopedics. 

We use both conservative and operative approaches to help restore function and decrease pain for our patients.

About Our Doctors:


           Paul F. Richin, MD                          Robert S. Bachner, MD                       Damien A. Doute', MD 
            (non-operative)                                                     (non-operative)                               Dr. Doute's Spine Information Site



Christopher J. Haraszti, MD                 Mark W. Feeman, DO                         Brian Leland, PA
(performs nerve studies for us)                         Physician Assistant
                                                                                                                                                 for Drs. Doute' & Haraszti 


North DeKalb Orthopedics, PC is truly a multi-subspecialty orthopaedic center.  We provide all orthopaedic services including: diagnosis, patient education, treatment and coordination of rehabilitation at our facility.  Orthopaedically trained and licensed radiology technicians supply our physicians with superior quality digital X-Rays.  This benefits the patient by providing the patient with immediate review of your X-rays by your physician.  Neurologic testing for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well as EMG's for upper and lower extremities is now also done on our premises by Dr. Mark Feeman.  For patient education, we make generous use of models, brochures and videos, as we strive to have our patients well informed about their condition, their options for management, what procedures are required, what the outcome is expected to be, and what the result actually is.  We believe that the first step towards recovery is education, and our job is to educate first, and then do our best to achieve the desired goal.

Our physicians frequently attend orthopaedic meetings and seminars, which keep them abreast of the newest and most effective means of diagnosis and treatment.  We strive for a rapid return to full function, by using either medications, physical therapy, injections, bracing/immobilization, and when necessary surgery.

Many of our surgical procedures are done on an outpatient basis, with a large bulk of the outpatient surgery involving arthroscopy.  We primarily make use of both the inpatient and outpatient Surgicenter facilities at DeKalb Medical Center, but also use the Outpatient Northlake Surgericenter.  When required for more extensive procedures such as joint replacement, our patients usually stay for a few days at DeKalb Medical Center.  With the aid of the Arthritis Care Center, discharge coordinators and DeKalb's inpatient rehabilitation unit, the postoperative care is extremely well coordinated. 


We are conveniently located next to DeKalb Medical Center.  Take 285 to I-78 (Stone Mountain Parkway) heading towards Decatur.  This becomes Lawrenceville Highway.  A left at DeKalb Industrial Way, a right on Irvin Way, and another right onto Irvin Court brings you to our free-standing building.  Parking is free and easily accessible right in front of our door.


Contact Information

For Appointments, Call during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8-12 AM and 1:-4 PM.                            

We are on most insurance plans, but you need to make sure that you have the appropriate referrals.


Telephone:                                            Address  (Click for Yahoo Maps - Directions)
404-294-4111                              505 Irvin Court, Suite 200
                                                               Decatur, GA  30030

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